Best Coffee Grinders of 2021

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Top 10 Best Coffee Grinders

  1. Krups Mill 3oz (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Melitta 6766579 Calibra (Luxury Choice)
  3. Maison and White Ceramic Mill (Best Value)
  4. SHARDOR Electric (Best Dry or Wet)
  5. DeLonghi KG79 Burr (Best 12-Cup)
  6. Andrew James Electric (Best All-Rounder)
  7. UUOUU 200W CG8320 (Best Quiet Design)
  8. Muzili Electric
  9. Melitta Molino 1019-01
  10. Duronic CG250 Electric

If your mornings and workdays are powered by coffee, why not treat yourself to the best coffee grinder in the UK? These kitchen gadgets will enhance the flavour of your coffee whether you’re having a cup first thing in the morning or as an evening treat.

Plus, once the beans are released from the grinder, they’ll produce a warming aroma in your home or office. And isn’t half of the enjoyment of coffee in its smell?

To help you find the ideal coffee grinder for your needs – whether that’s with blade or burr grinders, we’ve included a range of models. From manual to electric to portable to ones with an LED panel, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Coffee Grinder Reviews

Krups Mill 3oz (Editor’s Choice)

This coffee grinder features two stainless steel blades that power through beans to chop them into small chunks while offering a consistent grind. In fact, you can even use this grinder for chopping various dry spices, too.

Powered by a 180-watt motor, this kitchen gadget grinds 75g of beans and yields up to 15 cups. It boasts an oval, easy-to-hold design that provides even grinding and makes it look presentable on your countertops, too. And when it’s time to grind your coffee, its single-speed function provides fast, even results.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with a lid-activated safety switch. This ensures that the grinder won’t switch on unless the lid is securely locked in place, which is a safe choice for use around kids and pets.

On the other hand, it doesn’t feature various grind settings, which might be difficult for customizing use across various-sized coffee beans or large nuts.


  • Ergonomic design that’s easy to hold
  • Powerful stainless steel blades
  • Doesn’t lose the flavour
  • Easy to use at the push of a button
  • Lid boasts a safety feature


  • The plastic exterior may not be a good environmental choice
  • Lack of different grind settings may reduce use for large coffee beans or nuts

Melitta 6766579 Calibra (Luxury Choice)

This coffee grinder holds 375g of coffee beans, which can accommodate a work office or large household. It boasts a stylish design that you’ll want to keep on display in your kitchen, ready to use every day.

It features a luxurious built-in scale that allows you to weigh coffee beans with precision, helping to produce the best coffee flavour that you love without any guesswork. And you can also choose between a coarse, medium, or fine grind, allowing this kitchen gadget to produce various cups of coffee. Best of all, it’s ideal for beginners, making the grinding process user-friendly.

For a luxury touch, it boasts a clear LCD display. This design informs you of exactly which setting you’ve selected. Plus, it avoids any speculation while letting you leave the device to work without your supervision. Its 150-watt motor might be less powerful than some on this list, but you can still enjoy a cup of coffee from the comfort of your home.

In addition, some ground beans may get stuck in the grinder’s blades, which may mean that you have to alter the settings to different types of coffee. It may also not grind coffee beans thin enough to create an espresso drink.


  • Dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean after each use
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Built-in scales maximise precision
  • Simple to function


  • Coffee beans may get stuck in the blades or cylinder
  • May not grind coffee fine enough to create espresso

Maison and White Ceramic Mill (Best Value)

This is the best budget coffee grinder that helps you enjoy great coffee at home. This manual coffee grinder sports an ergonomic handle that’s easy to use, along with a secure silicone base that won’t slip on countertops.

Measuring 21cm in height x 9.1cm in diameter, this manual coffee grinder has ample room for creating any number of cups while also embodying a portable design that’s great for life on the go.

Moreover, it produces all types of ground coffee—from fine to coarse varieties. In fact, you can adjust the coarseness depending on your brewing technique and the type of hand coffee beans you have. This Maison and White grinder enhances the flavour of the coffee while giving you the option of personalising it to suit your taste.

Bear in mind that this coffee grinder doesn’t feature an electric burr. Meaning, the grinder may require a lot of manual effort to use. Ceramic burrs might be challenging for some if your arms quickly grow tired. Another factor to consider is that the grinds aren’t always consistent, which may be an issue for some perfectionists.


  • Can be easily dismantled to clean
  • Produces all types of ground beans
  • Features numerous grind settings for your preferred taste
  • Portable design that’s great for taking with you on the go


  • The handle may not be ergonomic or comfortable for continuous use
  • The manual grinder may be difficult for some people to operate
  • May not deliver a consistent finished product

SHARDOR Electric (Best Dry or Wet)

Boasting a powerful 200W motor and a bean hopper capacity of 70g, this is one of the best burr coffee grinders for dry or wet beans along with spices in the kitchen.

Produce freshly ground coffee when you want it with this grinder. It features two removable stainless steel blades that can power through grinding coffee to produce any number of cups you want. In particular, the bowl with two blades is ideal for hard and dry foods, while the bowl with four blades is ideal for spices, onions, garlic, dried fruits, and beans.

In addition, this burr grinder has a sharp stainless steel blade that delivers a quick and powerful performance, all the while grinding coffee into even pieces while enhancing the grinding process. It also comes with a secure seal ring to prevent coffee powder from splattering on your kitchen surfaces. Plus, it provides easy and safe locking.

Although this features an electric burr that’s effective, its grinding mechanism can produce a lot of noise, so you may need to consider your surroundings when you want to grind coffee. It’s also not compatible for grinding nuts, and some prefer a more versatile grinder.


  • Different settings for beans, seeds, and herbs
  • Secure locking design
  • Bean container is removable and fits up to 70g of beans
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Stainless steel blades


  • May be noisy during use
  • Might not be compatible for grinding nuts

DeLonghi KG79 Burr (Best 12-Cup)

Have the option of 17 grinder settings with this DeLonghi professional burr grinder. It has a stylish design that you’ll want to keep on display in your home. And the user-friendly dials on the front panel provide convenient functions for daily use.

It also features a selector enabling you to grind the exact grains for the amount of coffee that you want to make. This design reduces waste and lets you enjoy great tasting coffee at home. In particular, you can select between producing great coffee for 2 to 12 cups.

This device lets you grind your coffee with simplicity. If one of the tanks is removed from the grinder, the mill will automatically stop, preventing the grinder from damage or breakage. To add to the experience, during use, your home will have a delicious aroma, thanks to the two grinding wheels that power through the beans.

However, the beans may spill through the grinding hole during the process, which can create a mess in your kitchen. Also, this burr coffee grinder might not be ideal for you if you prefer a luxurious design that has an LED display for clear usability.


  • 17 grinder settings to choose your preferred grain
  • Automatic safety shut-off system when the contents are removed
  • Produces ground coffee for up to 12 cups
  • Soft-touch buttons on the control panel for improved usability


  • May not be easy to clean as the beans fall through the hole
  • Some may prefer a burr grinder with an LED display

Andrew James Electric (Best All-Rounder)

Grind enough coffee for up to 10 cups with a 70g bean hopper capacity. With a one-touch operation, this burr coffee grinder is easy to use while boasting a portable design for taking on the go. It won’t take up much room in your kitchen cupboards and also makes a great contender for keeping on display.

It’s powered by a stainless steel conical burr and a 150W motor that produces evenly ground coffee into a fine powder for your perfect cup every time. But it’s not just a grinder for coffee. Use this kitchen gadget for crushing herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, and even making your own pastes with ease. Plus, it can pick up small pieces of breadcrumbs.

Moreover, this Andrew James burr grinder is a fully electric device, reducing the need for any manual labour. In fact, it produces freshly ground coffee in around 30 seconds, all the while producing a delightful aroma that’ll fill your home.

On the other hand, it doesn’t come equipped with various settings. Hence, you won’t be able to tailor the texture based on your preferences or experiment with different finished products. It also lacks a safety feature, as it still continues to work, even if the lid isn’t securely tightened.


  • Has a powerful 150W motor
  • One-touch operation for easy use
  • Electric design for powerful performance
  • Grinds coffee beans in around 30 seconds
  • Takes up minimal room in your kitchen


  • May be difficult to clean
  • There may not be a storage for the cord, which could look messy

UUOUU 200W CG8320 (Best Quiet Design)

When you’re making a cup of coffee in the office, the last thing your co-workers want is loud blade grinders that are distracting. Fortunately, this burr grinder quietly operates with its food-grade 304 stainless steel blades.

Although quiet, it’s powerful. Equipped with a 200W powerful motor, it can grind up to two ounces of beans in 20 seconds. What’s more, it’s easy to use. Simply place your beans inside, close the lid, and push the button to begin the grinding process. Plus, this coffee machine won’t start working unless the lid is securely attached.

This device produces the best coffee for you with various grain fineness to choose from – coarse, medium, and fine. This allows you to customise the texture to suit your preferences. In addition, the bowl is easy to clean after grinding. Simply rinse it under water each time to remove any bits from the blades. Leave it to dry and then place back into the pot.

Unfortunately, it features a small bean hopper capacity of around 56g, which might make this burr grinder small to use if you intend to make coffee for multiple people. It may also be difficult to clean, as the manufacturer recommends cleaning it with a damp cloth after use.


  • Grinds beans in 20 seconds, ideal for busy coffee lovers
  • Convenient to clean and includes a brush to capture any leftover powder after use
  • Portable and space-saving design
  • Powerful 200W motor
  • Includes a heat dissipation underneath for durability


  • May be too small for some people
  • Doesn’t feature a dial or panel which may make it difficult to use

Muzili Electric

In terms of power, efficiency, and quietness, this is the best electric coffee grinder in this rundown. In particular, it features a 200W motor that runs at 22,000rpm to be able to grind beans in a small amount of time. But better yet, the Muzili Electric makes coffee powder taste delicious and smooth.

Produce fresh coffee every time with stainless steel blades that are safe and durable to use. This material lets you create any type of coffee that you desire without the hassle of using coffee machines. Furthermore, its body design is elegant, encouraging you to keep this burr grinder on display in your kitchen or on your work desk.

Most impressively, it can grind beans into a perfectly fine powder. All the while you remain in control, as you can easily adjust the blade grinders based on the amount of coffee you want or fineness that you prefer.

However, you may find it difficult to keep this grinder clean, because the parts aren’t easy to remove. And there’s also no mention as to whether you can place this into a dishwasher, which some users may prefer to do.


  • A great alternative to an espresso machine
  • Easy to use with a push-contact operation
  • Noise level is less than 60dB
  • Can grind 12 cups of coffee every time


  • May not offer various grind settings
  • Might be difficult to clean

Melitta Molino 1019-01

With a capacity of 200g, this Melitta Molino burr grinder can generate 2–14 cups of coffee, which is great for using in the office kitchen or if you have a large household. Plus, with this excellent diversity, you can easily use it as a solo grinder.

Boasting a total of 17 grind settings, it produces good quality coffee that you can customise to your liking as well as share the device among numerous users.

Furthermore, this kitchen gadget is energy-efficient as it uses a low-power mode – even throughout the different grind settings. In addition, it boasts an automatic shut-off feature when you haven’t used it for quite a time after switching it on. It’s also easy to clean, as the coffee container, grinding disc, and lid are removable with minimal effort.

However, it might be worth considering that some beans can often get stuck between the blade grinders, decreasing the amount of milled coffee produced. In addition, it may not create powder to an ultra-fine consistency, which could make it difficult to make a fine espresso.


  • Automatic shut-off feature for safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers 17 grind settings for great tasting coffee
  • Easy and fast operation every time
  • Provides a consistent grind for cups worth of coffee


  • Beans may get stuck among the blades
  • May not be suitable for making a smooth espresso

Duronic CG250 Electric

This is one of the best electric burr grinders you can buy right now. Featuring a push-down operation, it’s also one of the easiest coffee grinders to use. In fact, its design provides ergonomic efficiency, making it suitable for everyone to use.

This burr grinder sports a 75g capacity and a cable storage area at the bottom for a clutter-free design. Plus, the non-slip feet provide a stable base—even if you use it on a slightly slippery surface. With 250W of power, it’ll create a cup of coffee to your liking and offer fine coffee powder that’s great for making an espresso, which could even make this the best coffee grinder for espresso drinks.

Best of all, this is one of the easiest coffee grinders to clean, thanks to the removable stainless steel bowl. Having a removable cup allows you to conveniently clean it after each use. Overall, it releases a wonderful aroma of coffee in your home and a great taste, unlike any other pre-ground coffee.

On the other hand, these coffee grinders don’t feature numerous settings, which doesn’t provide you with as many options as other grinders on this list. You can also use this device for grinding spices and nuts, and making curry pastes at home.


  • Cup is easily removable to clean after each use
  • 250W of power for maximum performance in a short amount of time
  • Non-slip feet for stability
  • Easy-to-use push-down operation


  • May not have a large enough capacity for use in an office or large household
  • The motor may burn out with regular use

Things to Consider When Choosing Coffee Grinders

To help you discover the right grinder to accompany your coffee machine and to find the best coffee grinder in the UK, we have outlined some important features to remember throughout your search.

Know What Grind You Want

One of the most important factors to consider when searching for the best coffee grinders is the type of grind you like the most. For filtered coffee, you’ll need a medium to coarse grind. However, espresso drinks require a fine grind. No matter the method you prefer most, the best coffee grinders should cater to your needs. If you like versatility, opt for a device with different settings.

different types of grinds


Not all grinders have the same capacity. You may prefer a smaller design that takes up minimal room in your kitchen and one that you can take on the go with you.

If you’re making coffee for a few people, you won’t need a high-capacity grinder. This is primarily because you don’t want the brewed coffee to sit for a long time after use (it’ll begin to lose its flavour). Take into consideration the number of beans the grinder can typically hold and compare this to the average number of people you’ll share it among.

Electric or Manual Grinder

Another important consideration to make is deciphering between an electric or manual model. The latter tend to lack various settings for micro-adjustments. This can make it difficult to tailor the coffee’s texture and taste to your preferences.

But one huge benefit of manual flat burrs is their size. Sporting a portable design, you can conveniently store it on your kitchen tops without it taking up much room. Best of all, they’re easier to hold during use, and you’ll typically only need one hand for operation.

On the other hand, manual grinders are laborious—requiring plenty of elbow grease to grind the beans into a fine powder. This might be tiring for some people, but this operation ordinarily won’t cause you any harm.

Alternatively, electric coffee grinders are a powerhouse for getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and effectively. At the press of a button, the grinder provides a high level of consistency, delivering a delicious aroma and creating good quality coffee.

Furthermore, some of the best electric grinders are equipped with over 20 options that deliver an espresso to French press. Having a plethora of settings lets you tailor the coffee to the coarseness you prefer.

Blade or Burr Grinders

In addition, you’ll also want to decide between a blade or burr grinder. First, blade grinders feature a blade that spins rapidly and chops up any mixture that touches it. And most blade grinders operate via a single press of a button, prompting the blade to begin moving.

With this method, blade grinders generate powdered coffee at different rates, which can result in a slightly disappointing taste for some people. However, they’re easily accessible and take up minimal space in your backpack or kitchen surface. So, you will need to decide which features are most important to you and your lifestyle.

Alternatively, burr coffee grinders produce coffee at the same time, creating a balanced brew. And they usually feature steel burrs that are longer-lasting than typical metal blades. Additionally, there’s minimal heat generated in the coffee-making process, thanks to the steel burrs. This enhances the flavours and overall aroma.

Unfortunately, burr grinders can be difficult to find, which might require you to undergo some research to find the best burr coffee grinder in the UK. However, if you’re looking to achieve perfectly ground beans for your morning coffees, then it may be worth the effort.

Noise Level

Not all coffee grinders are designed for a work environment, because they’re noisy. A high noise level can be distracting for your co-workers or disturb a baby when you use it in the morning.

A burr grinder is the quietest option. But if noise isn’t an issue, you may opt for a good quality blade grinder.

pre ground beans

Conical vs Flat Burrs

Finally, another consideration is deciding between flat or conical burrs. A conical burr grinder is much quieter and cooler during operation and works by grinding beans into two different particle sizes. This makes a conical burr grinder ideal for making espressos.

Alternatively, opt for a flat burr to grind beans into a fine texture. This requires some more work and can sometimes produce inconsistent results depending on the quality of your coffee grinding device. But the results are phenomenal—creating delicious cup of coffee whenever you need it. And most of these coffee grinders will feature various settings to tailor for different preferences.

However, this type of grinder requires more power, which can make them less efficient to operate. Not to mention that the increase in temperature requires more supervision when grinding your beans. And if the temperature rises too much, it could affect the flavour, and you’ll need to adjust the grind size.

The Winning Burr Grinder

We hope you enjoyed these coffee grinder reviews, although our top recommendation for the best coffee grinder the UK stores have to offer would be the Krups Mill 3oz. This offers a powerful 180-watt grinder and it can grind 75g of beans to produce 15 cups of great coffee. It also features a safety lid that activates the grinder, making it suitable to use around little ones.

What are your thoughts on these coffee grinders? Let us know your favourites or other recommendations, in the comments.

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